Thursday, July 1, 2010

really? its an office?

as yesterday i went to kerteh, a day trip for a meeting. last time when i went to this office was sometime last year. i was sooo amazed on the transformation that makes it feel just like a hotel!!! for those that trying hard to find ideas to renovate your house, have some ideas here. dont worry peeps...its not making your house to look like a office coz this office is actually looks like a home *hows that!*

the meeting room and/or holding area

the washroom

the aisle to the washroom *look the mirror*

this is the VIP dining area. just like at home!

what i noticed about luxurious modern look for interior deco?

earth colour esp combination of white and brown
vibrant colour for soft touch e.g flower, painting
simple and steel i.e. no heavy flower motive, no over "make-up"
its all about the WOW factor

nowadays a hot pick would be stuff that can go green and smart application
not to forget simple and WOW factor

we always tend to give remarks something like "chanteknya.... simple je kan tp wow!"

choose wisely peeps!


tiefazatie said...

cantik+smart habes nie sis..=)

hana.basri said...

its their newly renovated office. so cool!

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