Thursday, July 8, 2010

pay it forward

i first came across this term when i watched a movie called

pay it forward

while i understood that the concept is all about "be kind to people", i always believe that we are created by the Creator to be able to mix around, you beyond our comfort zone, be kind and be rewarded. but somehow along the way, human is still a human, tend to seek for the "reward" more rather than understanding the whole concept.. be it islamic concept or else. i was stunned when the boy charted down his concept of pay it forward

i felt that it is so generous yet it is obviously make sense! being kind is very subjective.. when the Religion said "the more you give, the more you get back", some interpret the concept wrongly. people tend to go for publicity, showing how much money worth to be given etc.. and sadly, sometimes its more towards 
"look im rich, i have money, i have power"

but hey~~!! if we feels that we are paying it forward for the power, i think the end will be very very near. for me, pay it forward should come from your kind heart as a token to help other people enjoy a better life. its the satisfaction that matters here. while i am sure we have experienced both. when we give but we wanted the fame and when it come from our kind heart. the latter have a greater feeling as it satisfy urself and expectation rather thinking what people actually feel about you.

when you start to use the pay it forward concept
when you start to see the happiness in people's face
when you know that you have made their day
that is when you know the concept is right

i believe that we should learn, ready to learn and willing to learn even from an office boy. its not the education that teach you, its the realisation than wake u up.

"where ever you go, be kind to everyone"

insyaAllah you will received the reward in many ways and forms..

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