Thursday, July 15, 2010

new gadget to value our coming vacay~~

it wasnt a good start today as i have to go out early. wanna rush for a workshop or i guess, its an engagement session. but we wasnt lucky eaither today as our early out is welcome by a traffic jam *apekah!* normally..normally.. there will be no traffic as early as before 7 but not this morning *haa.. tu la balasan nye! padam muka!* 

while being an emcee of a day today makes me forget few important lines *hisshhhh!!*, it still didnt make my day even after covering it up baik punye!!! late morning while the presentation still on, ku called me up

ku : abg dah tgk netbook dah
me : huh?? kat mana ni? apsal tak ckp nk beli pon today
ku : kat mines. saje jalan tgk. kalau tak beli skang nnt hana yg kene beli. tak sempat tunggu abg balik nnt
me : ala... hana nak tgk jgk. jgn la beli camtu je
ku : laa.. ha yela yela

so there i goes text messaging ku reminding him not to buy the netbook *yet!* while i still afraid that he will buy, i called him again after lunch

me : kat mana ni?
ku : kat sini lagi
me : buat ape?
ku : tgk cam
me : huh?? nk beli today ke?
ku : yela.. takkan nk tgu lagi. sini paling murah
me : beli kat kedai cam kan? tak caya la kat tempat byk2 booth tu
ku : aah.. ni kedai cam la ni
me : owh... *dengan hati yg berbunga*

i know ku will buy stuff that he has decided to buy. like it or not, terima jela... dahla tak kasi beli netbook kan, kalau ckp jgn beli cam dulu silap2 i yg kene beli dua2 masa dia outstation. haruuussslah mak malas nok!! after finish off the workshop, ku fetched me. owh ya.. our good friend *indeed best?* pon ada jugey~ *hi meor* cant wait to reach home, i tested it out. 

owh... am soooooo happy with the pix!!! *ok mmg tak reti guna lagi so belasah la* we stop by for our dinner at tupai-tupai restaurant as well. its one of our fav restaurant. so test again our new gadget

owh.. i like~~~ insyaAllah this new Lumix LX3 baby will make our vacay this year captured perfectly!!! insyaAllah... 

why LX3? its compact, its easy to travel with, its not bulky and its leica lense *tweet tweet tweet*

thanx ku thanx han thanx abg!!!!

one gadget down, another one to go~~ see ya soon vacay!!

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