Wednesday, July 14, 2010

mamakuQis has been reviewed #02

mamakuQis chocolate chip all nuts has reached another winner for our giveaway01 via POSLaju. thanx aisha for participating in 
mamakuQis BIG giveaway

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"Biskut ni Aku tak tipu lah mmg sedap sangat - sangat tak rasa manis sgt dan rangup gile kacang gajus berketul - ketul .. siap ade coklat chip lagi , Serius SeDAp..."

thank you for the review aisha!! we are happy to hear that u L.O.V.E our cookies. owh ya.... sorry to hear ur office mate bedal kasi habis~ haha

again... thank you for supporting mamakuQis

p/s : u can use ur e-Voucher to get RM5off *wink* 

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