Tuesday, July 20, 2010

netbook guide for dummies

remember when i ask u ols to help me out in finding the best netbook? well… this is the reason why we have limited time last saturday. hehehe. browsing for best netbook is not easy bitsy for me especially when im not a laptop geek nor gadgets freak. so my purchase is mainly based on my own research, expert gadget geek friends, internet review and of course, the sales person! *LOL* i think its good for me to share what i have learnt in my journey to find a netbook


step 1
if you have no idea what-so-ever about netbook e.g. the latest brand, the specs, the technology, always browse thru for something like "best netbook 2010", "netbook review", "recommended netbook" etc. 

step 2
you will come across numbers of thousands of helpful tips when u google as suggested in step 1 BUT wait! sometimes... those thousand give u headache!! so please, find the simplest review first e.g. computers.toptenreviews.com. then, when u have some feels about netbook, start reading reviews. remember, all those bombastic mr loba-loba geeks language just didnt sound rite to you sometimes. what u need to do?? 
read only review that make sense to you *wink* example bestnetbookreviewz.comnetbooklive.net

step 3
when u started to get dizzy with all those specs listed, you may use this rule of thumbs that i have gathered from various sources

Windows® 7 
min requirement

Intel® Atom processor
good/best for battery life

Intel® Atom N450
see that 450 number? the higher it is, the better!!

e.g. 1GB DDR2. the higher GB and DDR, the best memory it could offer. means go for DDR3 if possible 
CAUTION : 2GB DDR2 vs 1GB DDR3 is very much similar

L2 Cache
choose higher than 512KB for best performance!

i prefer 12" rather than 10". so choose base on your preferences


minimum 2GB RAM u ols~~

this would be ur best companion if you need to use ur smart phone as a broadband modem

Screen resolution
i noticed there is not much difference among netbook. sony has the best resolution. 
CAUTION : high resolution may compromise battery life. so pick the best power saving model!

ask yourself for any additional stuff like limited addition series, matte vs shiny cover, etc,

step 4
check out few netbooks that you have reviewed and expect for the worst case i.e. the netbook is out of stock. so make this tips handy while deciding with the help of sales person. never trust 100% the sales person but rather, go & ask few sales person on the basic fundamental on things that u know. 
CAUTION : u can sense if they really know or they just pretend to know coz they think u dont know *huh?*

step 5

get ur bling-bling card ready to swipe bebeh!!!

step 6

ready to rock with ur new gadgets *wink*

wanna know what i catch last saturday?? in which i have no idea at first and it wasnt in my list!! LOL

stay tune peeps~~

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