Friday, July 30, 2010

GRAND giveaway : what is that BraunBuffel?

nervous? panic? thinking? writing? searching?

give your best shot in this last one entry peeps!!!!

coz you are... yes you are.... stand a chance to WIN

Braun Buffel Sticky Note Pad

this small little sticky pad can fit perfectly in your handbag or even pouch!

its made from leather (of course!) with printed Braun Buffel name & logo at the inside. one small card slot available as well

can you imagine this small pad is inside your bag and you take it out during class, meeting clients or even gediks-je-saje-nak-show-off??

so dont think twice peeps!! 

join our LAST giveaway and it is the GRAND one as promised *wink*

all the best~~!


mama zharfan said...

me tgh dok pikir nak tulis slogan tu ;)

katscorner said...

this would be great for my daughter as she starts collage this year

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