Tuesday, July 13, 2010

giveaway01 : delivered!!

alhamdulillah.. i managed to deliver all parcel yesterday. i should have post it last friday but thinking that its weekend, takot la tak sampai.. so i decided to post all giveaway prizes on every monday. except e-Voucher

so ladies, its on the way via POSLaju~~~

mamazharfan (ED907396798MY)
adyshariz  (ED907396784MY)
tiefazatie (ED907396775MY)

owh... am calling for all early birds winners

yang belom collect your prizes.... please email me to collect your 

mamakuQis RM5off cookies e-Voucher

by tomorrow, 14 Jul before 11.00am
*no e-Voucher given after dateline*

p/s : beriya2 i balut. last2 abg pos suh masuk dlm envelope! huhu


mama zharfan said...

tq soo much :) can't wait to receive the prize :)

tiefazatie said...

sis!!!ifa dh dpt td tengahari nie....=)..balik dr kelas my sis bgtau ade parcel utk ifa..mg best!pandainya sis buat cookies..hihi..berebut2 my siblings..hihi..nt ifa wat entry yaa..byk benda dh tertangguh nie..hihi

hana.basri said...

its good to hear u received it tiefa~ hope u love mamakuQis cookies!

tiefazatie said...

i really love it sis!tq so much!will do an entry for u sis...leh promote mamakuQis gak..hihi..=D

hana.basri said...

thanx tiefa. mana tau can be my agent pulak ke nnt~ *hehe*


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