Tuesday, July 6, 2010

am soo happy for you dear!!

it was a thrill friday last week as i get a called from a girlfriend. she got thru the biggest loser asia!!!!!

i was like….. “omg!!!!!!!!!! am sooo happy girl~~~~  are you sure???” the only hold back was that she need to get her boss approval. so there i was strategizing with her on her plan to get the approval. i knew it is very important for her, and she is seriously looking forward to get the old her! later that day i texted her but she didnt replied. i called her.. no respond. hurmm.. so i assumed i knew the answer.. earlier today i received a msg from her

“babe, u tau tak siapa hr kite yg jaga bahagian unpaid leave?”

i was *again* like “aaaaa………!!!” seriously i screamed and shocked my colleagues. oopss! tak sengaja ye…. terus angkat phone, called her and “soo..? soo?”

“ive made it thru!!”

omg omg omg!!!!!!!!! i cannot hold the happiness. well… i actually cannot tell anyone that she got thru. here i am…~!! still making the story unrevealed~~ hope you get thru the 1st elimination babe~~ be strong, stay confident, stay gorgeous!! am sooo happy for you *double wink* me love you!! all the best babe~~~ i know u can do it!!

with the good trainer

and a hot host
*owh...simply chantek!*

am pretty sure you will downsize like carlos miguel!!!

isn’t he handsome??!

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