Sunday, July 25, 2010

different diets during confinement

for every preggy mommies, confinement is the period that they are looking forward. there are always questions like

how can i handle it?
how to take care of lil baby + breastfeeding?
who can help to cook & clean up house?
what are the diet?
whats the dos and donts?

the list or question well i guess.. never end especially for first time mommies! we always get use to our mom-to-mom heritage of dos and donts especially when it comes to food. i find this article is very very interesting as it tell us

malay, chinese & indian 
special diets during confinement
the gist

encouraged to eat fresh fish e.g. ikan haruan that promote healing internally. 
Certain fishes and other seafood must be avoided = allergies. 
"Cooling" foods e.g. cucumber and kangkung should be avoided = rheumatism, arthritis and weak joints 

"Warm" food e.g. ginger & tonic with herbs = promote better blood circulation and strengthen the joints
fish soups help boost low milk supply
"Windy foods e.g. onions & jackfruit must be avoided = can cause colic to baby
"Cooling" foods = refer Malay above

gourd vege e.g. lauki and tori is good = increase milk supply
Betel leaves = help with lactation as well

thats all~~ its a simple gist of idea



mama zharfan said...

i masa 1st baby - i pantang beria :)
and then masa 2nd baby, dh tak pantang strict sgt...berani try mkn mcm2, ada sekali i minum air kelapa muda dlm pantang, terus turun darah!! panik i...then terus serik sbb tak memandai2 tak pantang :p

hana.basri said...

i pantang mkn jela... sbb "chef" yg control. huhu. bende2 lain kurang la pantang!

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