Wednesday, July 28, 2010

GRAND giveaway : mamakuQis BIG giveaway

its BIG its WORTH but its also HARDER

GRAND giveaway

closing date : 31 july 2010, 11.59pm

win yourself 
by Braun Buffel Germany

you need to write a full review about in your entry, mamakuQis must be correctly spell as "mamakuQis". hehehe. saya maafkan selama ni... *wink* your entry must include:

mamakuQis famous cookies & services
mamakuQis blog classification (e.g. travel, heatlh, SpecialSlot)
mamakuQis "Share" button at some blog post
mamakuQis FB fanpage (
your favourite mamakuQis blog post

last but not least........ include a slogan (not more than 31 words)

"i L.O.V.E reading simply becoz..."

i know its tough peeps!! but i put the highest stake here.... its BraunBuffel. worth few $$$.



ONE winner
as above
+ mamakuQis RM5 off cookies e-Voucher

2 consolation prizes
mamakuQis RM5 off cookies e-Voucher


its still the same rules~~

1) become our follower
2) follow us on facebook twitter
3) like mamakuQis cookies facebook fanpage
4) put our giveaway banner at your TOP sidebar and link back to this blog post
5) list this blog in your blogroll list
6) make a blog post (malay/english) based on giveaway title given every week and paste the url link in giveaway post comment box

submit your entry now!!

i will reveal the prize soon. stay tune~~


Adyshariz said...

uhh..cari ilham dulu..

tiefazatie said...

wah..cari idea dulu ye kak..=)

Em's Family said...

phew.. yang ni kene sungguh2 ni :) insyaAllah join kalau sempat

mama zharfan said...

i baru balik dari manchester ni..fuyoh, tough hadiah memang serius best!!

just wanna seek clarification..
i kena letak in my entry all those things to me kurang paham about...
#mamakuQis blog post classification (e.g. travel, health, SpecialSlot)--what does this mean?
#mamakuQis "Share" button at some blog post--how to do this one?

tq hana :)

hana.basri said...

blog post classfication : tell what kind of various post yg mamakuQis do and focus on.

share button : u know that button rite? tell how does it work and at which post it exist

mama zharfan said...

my entry here:

hope u'll like it ;) ;)

tiefazatie said...

hye sis...nasib baek sempat..hihi..
ni my enrty for u..=)

tq sis!

ummuabdullahsyaakir said...

Salam kak,saya sertai lagi ye..moga akak berpuas hati.

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