Sunday, July 11, 2010

dabbawalla..its impressive!!!

have you heard about this? 


i bet not many is familiar with the word. how about if i say the lunch box made from steel that is very much familiar to indian? something like this

now u get it rite!! everyone knows that this lunch box is very very common among indian. it is so important to their daily life that there are services called dabbawalla

dabba = lunch box
walla = man

so the dabbawalla services offered is basically to transport ur home made dabba/lunch box straight to ur love one at work. sounds too normal? i bet its not common in malaysia!! well... during my AK5251 flight, i came across article about this dabbawalla. ive once watched it in astro and was impressed. when i read it again today, its still impress me!! what makes the services very very very very very very very impressive is this

" their system is so accurate and precise that the american business magazine Forbes awarded them a 6 Sigma performance rating, a term used in quality assurance if the precentage of accuracy is 99.9999999 or more. in other words, for every six million tiffins (lunch box) delivered, only one fails to arrive, which means a tiffin might go astray once every two months but that too is rare. the rating is the same as that given to top blue chip companies around the world"

hows that??? can u believe it?!! im just soo amazed.... you may read on its successful stories from

owh..i came across a cute version of dabbawalla in i-setan. but its seems not sold here anymore. seriously its cute for ur lil kiddos


you may find it at here at

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