Friday, July 16, 2010

adrenaline rush with car drift *tweet tweet*

i should blame amazing race that has thot me to face my fear. i am not the adventure-go-girl type before. erm.. neither do now! haha. but am now that as bad as i was before. seeing people do so many stunts in the AR makes me feel like doing one. i am looking forward to do many adrenaline rush sports or activities and experience how does it feel to do one!! or should i say this "feel like one of the amazing race participant!!" hahhahah. seriously i am into amazing race~~ ku sometimes just couldnt stand my "competitiveness" mode especially when its not necessary e.g. cooking, preparing stuff. it just stress him out i guess~~ buy hey! i feel its ok to have this kinda feeling~ as long as it makes me sit straight, stand tall honey~~ 

among adrenaline rush that i am looking forward to experience are

car drift
owh yeah.. this is in top most list

bungee jumping
this one, i think i need to sign up for an insurance first! LOL

wild water rafting
owh... scary!!!


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