Sunday, July 18, 2010

not that KFC, pls!

owh...why do i say that? last friday *kelmarin lah* otw back from ofc, we were quite in a rush coz i have a biz meeting with potential client at 8pm. ku pulak tertido.. haiya! alhamdulillah ku managed to arrive & fetched me at 5.45pm. so we were like "tapau je la kfc kan" coz tak sempat nk singgah any restaurant for take-out. okla...

fast food = fast service

*not pix taken at the outlet*

*= unhealthy* hoho. we stopped by at KFC rite after sg besi toll for a take-out via drive thru. quite a number of car... 3 to be exact ya! so that make us at no 4. okla tu.... tak ramai pon.

waited for 5mins... "owh maybe org tu order byk sgt...
waited for 20min .."han, pegi la solat dulu kat depan tu. hana dah solat kat office tadi"

nk reverse dah tak boley~~ jam dah kol 640pm. haiyooo...... cepatlah!!!! takpe2 cool lagi nih. maybe dugaan kot nak jumpe big client tonite. last last... u know how long we have waited??

30 mins!!!!

helloooo kaak..... mana ada drive thru sampai 30min!! 30mins tu i boleh drive dari office sampai rumah tau~ *sigh* apekah tak make sense betol kfc ni. i think u must be short of manpower.. but hye! that shouldnt be our problem here ok~~ kata customer's always rite *erk*

kepada kfc after tol sg besi, silalah improve ur services and add on manpower. u need to be creative ya~~ this is business so please dont compromise especially on CUSTOMER. so wake-up & stand up

slamat toasted pocketful ok-ok


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