Tuesday, July 27, 2010

giveaway#03 : prizes posted!

mr postman is coming to your doorstep bebeh~~!

giveaway 03
why women L.O.V.E perfume?

posted yesterday, will reach you by today!



tiefazatie said...

wah...tq2..hihi...sis..td ade org poslaju kol ifa suh g pjbt poslaju..sebab die ckp parcel ifa basah nie...tp ble ifa tnye dr sape die ckp xtau..xnmpk dh..huhu..xpe2..nt pape hal ifa inform sis ye..lum lg g nie..jap2 lg..

tiefazatie said...

sis..alhamdullilah..okie je..hihi..maybe ade barang lain yg pecah..tue kena parcel ifa..mmg basah abes nie...nsb baek ble buke okie je..=D..tq so much sis..=D

hana.basri said...

owh yeke..?? good to hear its in good condition! lepas ni i kena balut dgn plastic dulu. thanx for info

tiefazatie said...

aah sis..terkejut gak ifa..but alhamdullilah ok je..=)


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