Sunday, July 4, 2010

paraffin wax?

i have a facial treatment today @ aster spring. its my 2nd treatment here *tweet tweet* gladly qist slept late yesterday... boleh la mama dia pegi buat facial pagi tadi. i had a paraffin wax facial today. i actually not quite sure what it is... i google and goolge and i came across few explanation. i feel that its worth to share it here. kot2 la u ols nak g buat paraffin wax facial...

paraffin wax facial is a heat mask treatment that later combine with a cold quench treatment. its a pair of treatment to ensure that your open pores during the heat treatment is being countered by the cold quench. paraffin wax facial acts a pore cleaner, complexion brightener, wrinkle reducer, moisturiser and calmer. you may read the details about paraffin wax treatment here

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