Tuesday, July 13, 2010

what do i like about kopitiam?

we all know that kopitiam fever arrived since last few years. the aura of kopitiam make every other person loves to hang out be it for breakfast, big meals or just a cuppa-coffee! its not so much the food that matters, but the environment that give us air to relax and have a laid back chitchat. so what make it so special? i want to share from my view on...

what do i like about kopitiam?

the food
for me, food that they offer is simple yet tasty. its more towards a fast food kindof services, but with a more nutritious value in it. altho the food range is not "wow... a lot!!", but the fact that the selection is just enuff and wholesome make it differ from other food chain outlet

the concept
this is the most important thing when setting up a food chain outlet. minimise the technicality, maximaise the environment. average joe & jane always searching for outlet concept that is not too heavy nor to lite and not too cold but not hot. just chillin'~ so where to for chillin' up? of course places that is not stuffy and i would prefer the one that is not air-condition-like but rather water-spray-fan-like. the word is... chillin'!!

the environment
families has always the highest rate of visit besides students. of course the location of the outlet matters. for me, i would prefer food outlet that is accommodative to cater small kids and veterans. so the selection of seating areas *normal bench vs comfy seat* does matter~

the friendliness
altho kopitiam services in most places is tip top, some utilise cheap labour *u know what i mean* while i am not against any external cheap labour, but trainings must be provided in order to ensure good services and satisfy customer's expectation. or otherwise, no point of having great place with a remark "the service is sucks!" *oopss!*


mama zharfan said...

tp kebykan kopitiam tak de sijil halal jakim...

hana.basri said...

btul3.. tu yg nak pegi mesti usha owner melayu *suspen*


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