Tuesday, July 6, 2010

high heels.. the alternate

before we start, lets recall the effect of high heels to our health. click here to view. but hey, how could woman avoid high heels is our daily life~~ rite ladies?! and again we continue to neglect the risk and don’t bother to give space for daily heels alternate to ensure healthy feet *gheeeee* don’t be peeps!! hope this will help you keep you feet healthy while still minimizing *try harder* to reduce ur heels usage
wear a walking shoes to commute to/fro work to ensure comfort and lessen foot strain

go for 1&1/2 low heels for a long period of wearing

backless high heels = occasional evening of glamour only!! *wink*

YES for heels with strap/lace over the instep. NO for slip-ons

regularly conduct calf muscle strecth exercise. simple and fast! check out

all done!!

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