Thursday, July 1, 2010

my dream that is still...


yes bebeh~~~ one of my dream is going to offshore platform! hahaha. its not so much on the drilling plant that im looking for but rather...

the bosiet training
kewl.. its the helicopter training to get license for flying with heli

the food
owh... i tell you its like a 5-star selection tau~~ macam2 ada....

the spectacular view
i love open sea so much!! u just cant find its end.. it open your mind and rejuvenate your heart

the living quarter
hurm.. this part am just not sure why i wanted to see!! hahahaha. but i want i want i want~~

yeah yeah.. i knoe there nothing much over there but to experience it is a must for me. i dont mind if people keep saying "takde pape pon.. takde pape pon.." but rather i do mind when they said "aku dah sampai platform.. first time mmg best!" arrgghh.... for me, at least u experience it then only u know best ke tak.

anyone with warm heart to bring me there....??

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