Monday, July 26, 2010

monday blues~

i have a monday blues this morning. erm well.. not so much about going to work but rather very very seriously sleepy and summore it was raining outside. went out home early but got stucked in traffic~~ gosh... raining in KL is always relates to accident!! feels like U-turn and continue my good sleep *sigh*

5 best tips to hold back Monday Blues
my way


wear to the best

if you feel like no fun going to work on monday, look forward to put on your best shirt or dress to work. its some kind like... dress to kill!! owh.. not to forget your hot handbag...ouch~~!

start with a reward back in mind

told yourself that you must accomplished what lies today and promise to reward yourself on something really really good.. strawberry chocolate dip or ice blended chocolate top with creammmm... irresistible!!

play ur music out loud

yeah yeah.. seriously if i got stuck especially monday morning, i will listen to my fav song or tune to my radio FM. gosh i dont know why people are sooo motivated to pack the road every single monday morning..! so, singing out loud seriously a good motivator!!

look forward for lunch 

ok this may sound too much~ hahaha. but i think its still appropriate to think about ur lunch even before you reach the office. seriously~~ *me not kidding here ok* food will always motivate one so you will keep on looking forward for the clock to tick faster than normal!!

breath in, green in

yup~~ green things could always give you good theraphy. its a sense of relaxing. so look out ur window and find green leaves, trees etc and breath in to feel the freshness. ok... hot babe in green does not count u ols~~



tiefazatie said...

wah..very nice sis..agreed!hihi

mama zharfan said...

can't agree more ;)

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