Sunday, July 11, 2010

landed safely

alhamdulillah our trip back to alor setar went well. masa pegi was very very tiring coz i went alone with qist. she was quite sleepy starting at the airport. think tak tido tu masa kat skool. the tiring part was when qist wanted to dukung all the time..!! erk.. patah pinggang den~ dah la tak bawak stroller.... the journey was good but the landing part was bad. try harder ya mr pilot next time *wink*

this was my 1st time ever to alor setar!!!! mm... i mean by flight.... *LOL* of courselah dah banyak kali balik AS kan~~ tp drive! the airport is very new & clean & pretty. guess kerteh airport should improve like this as well~~ thanx to mak & mak tam for following ku to fetch me & qist. yup it was very very tiring and i felt asleep with the same baju on!! no kidding u ols~~ very the sakit badan sbb qist nk dukung n then qist tido pulak~~ 

the next morning we went straight to visit my SIL. sesungguhnye Allah Maha Mengetahui segala hikmah di sebalik kejadian ini. kasih Allah kepada kite lebih tinggi dari segala dugaan yg datang. we must redha and willing to accept it. insyaAllah... we will usahakna segala yg mampu. hang on there! its not gonna be long.. 

then we went n send my nephew to MRSM Pendang. its quite a calm environment.. very homey. owh yaa.... the best is that ayam golek that we bought otw back from the skool is superb best!! sayang makcik jual ayam golek!!

as we reach home quite late, we garu kepala thinking how on earth to bring back this 10 boxes of enfagrow A+ that my SIL help to purchase it from carrefour hatyai!!! *thanx piah!!* owh ya.. my SIL recommended us to buy enfagrow at hatyai coz is lot cheaper than here. at first we felt bit uncomfortable. yela.. beli kat siam ni bukan betul pon kekadang! but after tried it once in which we bought it in carrefour, no doubt its the same. well.. our enfagrow pon is packed in thailand~ the best part is the free gift that comes together. in fact they offer better gift from here. this time its a small kiddos bag!! i have extra....
 *thinking of next back-to-skool giveaway maybe*


those whom visited my blog while i was away.. i thanked u ols for the visit!! will update more soon



mama zharfan said...

wah, bestnya susu tu sbb dpt free gift yg best!!! my boy masa kat msia minum susu dutch lady 123 ajer bila dh masuk umur sthn (masa sblm sethn me bagi susu mamex gold..sbb me BF tp bila kat nursery bagi infant formula ) ;)

hana.basri said...

i heard all milk are the same in terms of nutritious value. not much difference. btul ke ek?

ieyza said...

seronoknyerr dapat beli susu tu dgn harga yg murah...baper yer harga kat hatyai tu coz my girl pun minum that milk...bestla dapat hadiah tu..kat sini takde pun hadiah yg diorg bg walaupun susu nie harga dier mahal kan...

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