Friday, July 23, 2010

SpecialSlot : Bantuan untuk wanita di Akhirat

sememangnye sudah ternyata bahawa penghuni neraka itu kebanyakkan dari kaum wanita. nauzubillah... it cross my mind on how to avoid it as we know we women cant get rid of daily dosa.. be it our aurat, our relationship and the utmost aktiviti mengumpat! be it big or small, there are contributions daily. how hard we tried everyday, we still get back to sejadah and pray to Allah to forgive all of our sins at the end of the day. why? afraid that there will be no tomorrow. scared? think again.. the only question "ARE WE READY?" nauzubillah... may Allah give us more time for taubat. insyaAllah

i once asked a good friend of mine..

"what are antara amalan that help woman in akhirat selain her daily ibadah?"


for me, i feel its good to start your day with zikir. it could be the basic one like asma-ul-husna or just a simple ya Allah hu ya Allah 33x. just buy a simple CD and play it every morning. 5 min je~~ u should try this and you can see how ur day will be transform and u will get more satisfaction from it! its just a MIRACLE~


it can be as big as a whole lot of money u have down to the smallest of doa. it should come from hati yang ikhlas & lillahitaa'la. i always believe that the more you give, the more you get back in many forms. we should always believe that hukum Allah is always fair. its just us to realise it. insyaAllah.. with the right niat 

may we benefited from this and may we women change from time to time, everyday.. 
mudah-mudahan... amin (^__^)

by : hana.basri


mama zharfan said...

thanks for sharing :) a good reminder to do our own muhasabah :)

SyidaGorjes said...

like this one!

hana.basri said...

insyaAllah kite semua benefited from this *amin*

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