Sunday, July 11, 2010

calling all hot & gorgeous ladies out there!!!

its here its here its here!!! omg~~!!! (^__^)
am sure everyone knows about this actually.. coz its broadcasted thru many tv channel!!!
it’s the

estee lauder model search 2010
*tweet tweet tweet*

as advertised in the tv, it’s the search to become one of the famous el model! wooooww…. glam gitew~~ of course many does not realize that its not only for model-to-be. hot ladies & gorgeous woman like us also can participate. how come meh?? coz its not limited to model search only. u know that those makeover promotion? the one that u buy a voucher and then u can redeem the product + free photoshoot? same goes with this one!

for this model search promotion, u have to purchase rm280 voucher and u r entitle to redeem rm250 products + free make over + photoshoot. basically its just rm30 jeeeee to be



now u got it why mamakuqis BIG giveaway_giveaway02 is titled

i am b.e.a.u.t.i.f.u.l

coz being a model just need yourself to be beautiful!! and of course, perasan sorang2 kan~~ hahhaha. owh.. this is not a hint for the giveaway ya… so jgn la pulak pegi el booth n buat those makeover just for the giveaway *erk!* but if you do, am flatterrreeeddddddd

am sure there’s no woman out there who just don’t like to be makeover & beautiful!! lets try ladies~~

owh ya….i watched oprah where a granddaughter send her grandma to oprah’s make over. her grandma is a bus driver. after make over, 
*JAW DROP!!* she’s seriously hot & pretty!!! omg~~

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