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vaginitis : hygiene vs prevention

you must be confuse with the subject above... hygiene vs prevention. almost everyday we are wearing our panty liner, girdle, hot pant, jeans etc but do we really know that all these could lead to vaginitis? lets read on my compilation about


what is vaginitis?
infection within vagina that may cause inflammation e.g. itching, burning. Inflammation occurs when hormones, hygiene, bacteria, or sexual activity throw off the delicate balance of microorganisms inside the vagina. vaginitis could happened to woman all ages be it a normal healthy ladies, pregnant mommies, teenagers and elder woman.

how does it happen?

vaginitis happened when the bacterial activity around vagina area changes/disrupted due to many factors e.g. environment, moisture, hormones etc. Of the millions of cases of vaginitis each year, most are caused by bacterial vaginosis (about 40% to 50%), followed by yeast infections (20% to 25%) and then trichomoniasis (15% to 20%). 

how to detect?
normal woman will produce a vaginal discharge daily. close observation on the discharge form, odor and amount could easily help to detect vaginitis. some woman will experience a yellow to green to gray discharge with quite an amount as compared to their normal discharge. while others may experience itchiness and uneasy feeling at the vaginal area. fishy smell like odor could be spot when the discharged is infected.

how to prevent?
simple prevention can be taken by simply change your daily habits on clothing, hygiene, lifestyle etc.


do not wear tight-fitting clothes or synthetic pants
avoid pantyhose and leotards
do not sit around in a wet bathing suit
do not use of perfumes, scented and colored toilet paper
do not use harsh, scented, or deodorant soaps
do not use scented or deodorant sanitary pads or panty liners
avoid too many sweet or starchy foods in your diet 
*this may speed up the growth of harmful bacteria


wear cotton underpants
wear cotton panty liners
thoroughly dry the genital area before dressing
wipe from front to back after a bowel movement
lose weight if you are heavy
*Obesity can promote infection by preventing air circulation around your vagina

keep away vaginitis today by changing your lifestyle & habits! 
all the best 

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